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Rolex Servicing isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. Here’s my advice when it comes to Rolex Watch Servicing recommendations…

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  1. Colin Allan

    My previous experience with Rolex has been that they do indeed like to return the watch in showroom condition but I recently took my GMT 16700 Pepsi 1991 in for a service estimate and they do indeed list all the faults down to microscopic detail ( partly to protect themselves I’m sure so they don’t get accused of scratching your watch whilst in their care) but they agreed not to replace the dial, nor the date wheel or the stretched Oyster bracelet ( they don’t repair bracelets you can either retain or replace them ) and they will either polish or not, whichever you want, so they do seem to understand the vintage market.

  2. Billy

    Hey Paul, years back i bought my wife a Rolex from your East Grinstead store, you may recall my young son needed to use your loo, and you kindly allowed it, then he goes and does a number 2 !

    So sorry for that all those years back but thank you, i really enjoy your videos and information, well done man 🙂

  3. Sandra Bruce

    Where do I take my 32 year old Rolex oyster to be serviced it’s never been done I was going to book it in with Rolex but after watching your video I’m not so sure now
    I live in Bromley also happy to go to London can you recommend somewhere Thanks

  4. Bjoern Altmann

    Yes I’ve heard that about Rolex service dials, taking away value. That said, if a metallic dial is corroded and you don’t like it, then a replacement might be the way to go (unless the watch is rare). –Omega did send the old parts back after the service.

  5. Deborah May

    A jeweler told me repairing my Rolex watch would be more expensive than purchase a new one. My watch was a gift from my mother that is now deceased and I want it repaired so I can wear it. My mom wore her watch daily as a nurse and even showered in it. It was stated that she had damaged the inside with the water. Can you advise me on what is best in this case? Thank you!

  6. Ski Strycharski

    HELP !,,,,,,,,,, I want to buy a watch for my 19 yo Granddaughter in two years . She grad. From High School with a BA from Jr. Collage (Wa. State, Running Start program ) after Graduation from H.S. is now a Jr. in college. So I/we have two years to find her a watch for graduation from college. So when she wears it & looks at the time, “My Pop Pop gave this to me”. For my, “ HARD WORK” !! We have two years no worries if you put me to the bottom of the (so to sey….. list….LOL). Keep me in your thought for her. I’m not a big $$ guy ! Middle class retired x2 guy. Two years….. no worries, no rush ! Just thing about it in your RETIREMENT ! LOL Just can’t kick it work….lol

  7. frank mastromauro

    I bought an 83 two tone date just in 1998 and around 2003 or so i got service and Rolex recommended I needed to replace the textured dial as part of the service. I wish i had known this info back then. I bet that dial was worth more and they kept it. Knowing what i know now, it was probably what made the watch more unique.

  8. Steve Schuetter

    I just bought a 116710 Rolex gmt master II that was serviced less than a year ago by Rolex. Knowing that, I have the piece of mind that it received the best care. New watches I would send to Rolex, vintage I wouldn’t.

  9. Full Spectrum

    Hi Paul, I went to Rolex in Los Angeles and they honored all my requests to keep original parts. Buyer beware like you are pointing out but I will say in USA, Rolex did what I needed as I requested. Could have been cheaper probably but I am happy. Just an FYI and great video.

  10. Manish Dalamal

    Hi paul,
    I am an owner of Rolex 126711 CHNR 2019 model. I have sent the watch in 5 times already for service to RSC for the date not changing at 12 am, but 12.08am. this remains a problem, secondly, the watch is now +3 seconds fast every day. I know that my watch can do better, so should i sent it in for regulation? if yes, then I would like it to be gaining time , not losing, so what should i tell the blokes at RSC to regualate my watch at how many second/s gain per day? please advise

  11. tex ritter

    I think the parts do end up in the bin. Rolex are all about marketing and the high auction prices make headlines makes people talk about Rolex, so removing one mint vintage sub from the market makes the ones left even more rare, and desirable pushing up prices at an exponential rate, all at the customer’s expense.

  12. Nemo Omen

    Pfizer announced first trial reviews of a promising new Rolex-2021 Vaccine underway in the UAE .
    Putin claims it’s Russian Vostok-20 Vaccine to be more effective and waterproof .
    Putin also claims both Boris and Joe ( along with other NATO leaders ) have secretly received Vostok-20 Vaccines .
    China Fund seeking to buy-out Swatch Group by 2025 🤫

  13. RoyalOak

    I’m a believer in mechanical servicing only when it’s needed. It’s money down the drain otherwise. These poor buggers who get their watches serviced every 4 years must have more money than sense.

    I’ve seen Rolex’s with the power reserve knackered after 2 weeks and 30 year old Subs working perfectly having never been serviced. That’s what your warranty’s for, after that just keep an eye on your time accuracy.

  14. André Stenstrup

    In Denmark Rolex AD will not polish your watch if you don´t want to and they will not replace clasp or braclet if it works. They may offer ypu a new dial or hands if you want to but it is no requerment. On the other hand Omegas Swatchgroup is much worse. If a clasp is a little worn, they will not service the watch unless you replace the clasp.

  15. GNSmiley

    I didn’t think Rolex would service a watch over 20 or maybe it’s 25 years old. Is that correct? If so then it would be an independent watch maker that would service your vintage Rolex. They should do however much or little you request them to do.

  16. Anthony S

    Hi Paul,
    as always a brilliant video, well explained and really down to the point. I understand that Rolex etc are in the business to make money. If I send a watch in for servicing and the service agent needs to replace components then I would specifically tell them the they are to return any items replaced, as they are my property, the have no right to retain theses items, and failure to do so is theft. Continue on with your brilliant informative videos.

  17. Peter Norman

    When a service is carried out on any watch any parts that have been replaced are the property of the watch owner. The parts that have been replaced should be returned with the watch. Another interesting observation regarding my Girard Perregaux watch service which came out ar £860 was that the movement is an ETA and very similar to my Stienheart. The Stienheart which is by no means a homarge retails new at £420 and brilliant for the price !

  18. Rene delaPaans

    I bought a gmt master ll (16710) in 2003 and have never put it for serving . I sleep , swim , shower and dive with it . It runs well and looks great . I paid 3200 euro for it …. a serving cost 900 euro. I saved 3600 euro that last 18 years by not serving a prefect working watch. The whole serving issue is not clear for me.

  19. Soton 62

    I honestly doubt Rolex will benefit from retaining the old parts and to my knowledge, the reason for them to retain the old parts is to avoid them being recirculated in the used watch spare parts market hence Rolex will destroy the old parts except those precious metals where they will recycle them by melting them down for reuse

  20. Martin McCullough

    Paul, I live in Belfast so we only have one AD for the whole of Northern Ireland .  
    Im waiting on a two tone bluesy, which my AD said should hopefully take a year to arrive as ive a good spend history with them. A few days ago a friend of mine told me in passing that he had bought a Rolex from the same AD two weeks beforehand . It was in the window so he went in a bought it straight away, of course it was a brand new two tone bluesy . I didn't believe him until he sent me photos of the watch and the receipt later that day. 
    Im not happy about this but I don't know what to do about it… if I kick up a stink I feel I would be removed from any list that im on and im on the list for a further two watches .Whats your thoughts and what do you think I should do ?

  21. M 5UTH

    Paul, what are your thoughts on the Tudor black bay bronze. It seems they're making it extremely hard to come by! Is this the start of manipulated scarsity that we see from Rolex??

  22. Sam Birtwistle

    I see some people indicating rolex allowing old parts back after servicing. I'm pretty sure this practice has been stopped due to the proliferation of fakes. Paul on the same note, you imply Rolex is somehow profiting on old parts. I don't see how this is possible, and believe they are destroyed. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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