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Please note that you'll need Windows Media Player and / or Real Player (or some other type of reliable, universal media player) to be able to view these clips.  If a clip doesn't open properly, try right-clicking it and downloading it to your computer, which is probably your best bet.  Try downloading the (free) VCL Media Player if you're having problems playing the AVI files.
Mad About You - Part 1
Length: 3:05
(MPEG File)
28 MB
Mad About You - Part 2
Length: 1:39
(MPEG File)
15 MB
Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Part 1
Length: 1:24
(MPEG File)
12 MB
Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Part 2
Length: 0:32
(MPEG File)
5 MB
Length: 21:26
(AVI File)
175 MB
MadTV - Date Sketch
Length: 3:18
(RM File)
4 MB
The Norm Show - Gambling Man
Length: 4:07
(MPEG File)
27 MB
Dharma And Greg - Dutch Treat
Length: 0:35
(MPEG File)
4 MB
Murphy Brown - Desperate Times
Length: 0:54
(MPEG File)
6 MB
The Friars Club Roast Of Drew Carey
Length: 42:59
(AVI File)
314 MB
Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command - Eye Of The Tempest
Length: 5:52
(RM File)
7 MB
The Sweet Spot - Wisconsin
Length: 0:31
(RM File)
1 MB
Caneman Celebrity Antics
Length: 2:32
(MPEG File)
16 MB
Reno 911! - Undercover Acting Coach
Length: 21:35
(AVI File)
233 MB
It's Garry Shandling's Show
Length: 23:54
(AVI File)
253 MB
Weird Science - Unplugged
Length: 22:29
(MPG File)
224 MB