1.  When is Ryan's birthday, and how old is he?

Ryan's birthday is on April 22nd, and he was born in 1959.  He is currently 49 years old.

2.  Will Ryan ever come back to the UK?

The answer is no.  I'd be highly surprised if Ryan ever came back over to the UK.  Ryan rarely performs anymore as it is, and has mentioned on numerous occassions, some extremely recent, that he has no wish to fly across the Atlantic again.  Yes, he used to for Whose Line when it was being filmed over there, but that was a long time ago, before his fear of flying, and it was also a television production, not a local tour.

3.  I've heard variations on how tall Ryan actually is.  How tall is he really?

Ryan is six feet, six inches tall.

4.  Someone once told me that Ryan lives in Liberace's old home.  Is this true?

Yes and no.  Ryan certainly did used to live in Liberace's house, but he doesn't any longer.  He sold it some years back and bought a new home elsewhere in Encino, California.  However, he usually only comes to Encino now when he's performing or working, which is rare these days.  Ryan lives permanently up in the Pacific Northwest in Bellingham, Washington on Lake Samish.

5.  Will Whose Line Is It Anyway? ever come back?

Even though the contract for the program still exists, the answer is very likely 'no'.  New episodes haven't been filmed for some years now.  Most of the cast members are off doing their own thing, and Ryan is in semi-retirement.  As wonderful as it would be for Whose Line to return, I sincerely doubt that it'll ever happen.

6.  How about any new movies then?

As previously mentioned, Ryan is in semi-retirement right now, content to doing only a few live shows a year, and a few other random projects (such as Two And A Half Men and the Playschool commercials).  Ryan has recently said that he doesn't wish to be in films anymore.  However, the future is uncertain, and I cannot say for sure whether or not he'll do any more flicks.  So instead I'll simply reply with 'most likely not'.

7.  What sports does Ryan like?

Ryan enjoys baseball and hockey.  He also loves to play golf.

8.  Is Ryan married?

Ryan married his wife Pat McDonald in 1989.

9.  Does he have any kids with her?

Together they have had three children - Mackenzie, Sam, and Claire.

10.  Did Ryan ever attend college?

No.  He dropped out of high school when he was seventeen to work as a stand-up comic.

11.  I've heard that Ryan is a Canadian, but I've also heard that he is an American.  Which is true?

Ryan was born in Seattle, Washington, making him a natural-born US citizen.  However, when he was ten, his parents (who were Canadian born) moved him along with his family up to Richmond, Canada where he lived for several years until moving back to the States.  He has lived in the US ever since, however, Canada is where he grew up and initially started in the comedy business, so there are both Canadian and American influences on Ryan's life.

12.  I've always been curious as to what Ryan's shoe size is.

Some sources say it's 14, while others say it's 15.  Knowing that shoes vary in actual size even though they might be a certain number, it's probably safe to say that both numbers are correct.

13.  I really dig his shoes!  I've heard that they are frequently customized for him.  Who makes his shoes?

Though I doubt that they are his sole provider of footwear, George Esquivel is the company known to have made many of Ryan's more 'crazy' shoes, such as the famous blue shoes and the black flames, among others.

14.  Is Ryan really diabetic?

NO, he is NOT diabetic.  Contrary to popular belief spawned from a few of Ryan's musings of 'I shouldn't be eating this, I'm diabetic' on Whose Line and other shows, it is now wide-spread knowledge that this was nothing more than a harmless joke.  Ryan is not diabetic, and has made many claims denying this false rumor.

15.  Some people say that his eyes are green.  Others say that they are blue.  Even a few say that they are brown.  What color are they really?!

Ryan's eyes are a sort of green-blue, a mixture of the two colors.  This observation comes from personal experience, and not just judging by a photograph.

16.  Why won't Ryan travel very far?

The main reason is because Ryan has a severe fear of flying and hates to fly.  He usually avoids it like the plague.

17.  Will he and Colin ever do a show together?

He and Colin did a single night charity event in Vancouver, Canada back in December of 2007, but it was the first time that he'd seen Colin in three years.  Colin also sat as a guest with Ryan and Greg Proops in July of 2008 as a part of "Stiles And Proops Unplanned" at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.  However, the two very rarely see one another any more, and the chances of them doing a show together are very slim.  Ryan and Colin are both busy doing their own things now.

18.  What's this I hear that Ryan has his own theater?

A few years back, Ryan funded and opened the Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, Washington.  Though he is the founder of the Upfront and occassionally performs there himself, he isn't there on a constant basis.

19.  I've seen Ryan kiss Colin Mochrie on Whose Line.  Is Ryan gay?

No, he is not.  He is happily married to his wife and has kids.  The kisses, innuendos, gay jokes, etc., between the castmates on Whose Line were all just for laughs.

20.  Does Ryan smoke?

Yes, he does.  Ryan enjoys both cigarettes and cigars.

21.  How come Ryan wasn't in Green Screen Show with everyone else?

Ryan actually was in the (unaired) pilot for the show, but was not interested in appearing in this new Whose Line spin-off, and thus was never on the main show itself.  Green Screen show only aired for a single season.  Some people attribute this to the fact that Ryan wasn't a part of it.

22.  Is it true that Ryan hates computers?

Ryan is not a computer fan in the least; he's fairly computer illiterate.  He rarely uses the internet and he does not possess an email.  He's stated before that he won't even use a computer for typing - that he'd rather write things just by hand.  Thus, if you see any supposed profiles of Ryan on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc., they are fake.

23.  What religious background does Ryan have?

Ryan is Presbyterian, but he is in no way die-hard in this religion.  It is also rumored that he has had Pagan backgrounds.

24.  What is Ryan doing now?  He does a couple of live shows a year and sometimes stars in "Two And A Half Men", but what else does he do?

Ryan is mostly just enjoying his life in semi-retirement.  He likes to boat and spend time with his wife and kids, and just relax.  Sometimes he can be found at his comedy theatre, The Upfront, though his visits to the theatre are random and varied.  There is a possibility of a new Canadian show called "Memory Lanes" which he could potentially star in, but the pilot is yet to be picked up.  At the moment, he just tours with Whose Live Anyway? and is becoming a frequent guests on Two And A Half Men.

25.  What are the updates on Ryan's work for 2009?

Ryan is continuing his work with the Upfront Theatre.  He is also touring with Greg Proops, Chip Esten, and Jeff B. Davis with Whose Live Anyway?.  He has a reoccurring role on "Two And A Half Men".  He has recently filmed a pilot for a Canadian sitcom called "Memory Lanes" starring him and Sean Masterson, though it is yet to be picked up.

26.  What do you mean when you state that Ryan is in "semi-retirement"? Is he still going to be doing the odd show for a few more years? Or is he taking a step back pretty soon? I understand he's not coming back to the UK so I'm hoping to fly out and see him live.

Yes, as of right now, Ryan still does, as you say, the odd show.  He performs on occassion at The Upfront Theatre, and randomly tours with Whose Live Anyway?, as stated above.  There are also still possibilities of future film and/or television show work, such as Two And A Half Men.  Exactly what he plans on doing in the future is solely up to him.  If you plan on seeing him though, yes, you will have to travel over here for a selected tour date.

27.  Will there ever be new episodes of Whose Line?

No.  Whose Line has been cancelled for years.  Though the show still could possibly be picked up by another network, it'd have to start from scratch, and it would just never happen.  The show is, sadly, over.

28.  How long is Ryan touring for on Whose Live Anyway?

Whose Live Anyway? usually seems to tour two time frames during the year - in the late spring, and in the early fall.  The dates and venues are varied and random, and usually consist of western Canadian areas and the west coast of the US.  Just keep checking the main page of the site for the latest tour dates and touring announcements.

29.  Does Ryan have any pets?

He has three dogs - a golden retriever, a Scottish terrier, and a shepherd.  He might have more, but I am not aware of them.

30.  I am a Whose Line fan and am especially a fan of Ryan's.  How can I contact him if I live in Canada?  Usually you just send an e-mail to these sorts of people, but Ryan doesn't use e-mail.

When contacting a celebrity, it's usually best to use old-fashioned fanmail.  It's the polite thing to do.  Ryan does have a few fanmail addresses.  You can find them, along with instructions and tips for sending a fan letter, on this page.

31.  What are his hobbies?

Ryan likes to fish, drive his boat, take walks, play with his dogs, read, and just relax.  His hobbies are personal to him, so there's really not much more than could and should be said.

32.  There have been several different descritions of Ryan's hair color. Is he a blond, a redhead, or brunette?

His hair is blonde with a hint of brown - a bit of a dirty blonde.  When he was younger, it was blonder, but its coloration has changed as he has aged (as hair tends to do with all of us).  Again, this report is from personal observation and not from looking at a photograph.
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We love it when people contribute to the site!  We will happily accept icons, wallpapers, banners, avatars, fanart, and more.  Feel free to send in your goodies to my email.

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I have an extremely wide array of sources.  A lot of my info comes directly from newspapers, news postings, and interviews.  Other information is gathered from various official websites.  Sometimes I receive information from people who either know Ryan personally, or work with him.  I have a lot of sources, all who are very reliable.

16.  I was wondering if anyone had reported whether the fanmail address worked? I would really like to try to get an autographed picture.

So far I have not heard any replies on the fanmail addresses either way.  Currently I can only try and recommend to just go ahead and continue to send fan letters, in hopes that it will work.  We need people to send out tests and wait so we can see whether our listings are accurate or not.

17.  This is really stupid, but why can't I access certain pages like "Biography" and the "LJ Mood Theme"?  I just get taken to an error page.

The reason is because those pages do not yet exist, but are pages that are in the works of being built and will be available some time in the future.  Just hang tight while I continue to expand the site!

18.  I was wondering, do you know any of the other Whose Line Is It Anyway? cast other than Ryan? Also, how many times have you met Ryan personally?

I have met all of the main Whose Line cast - save for Wayne - including Greg, Drew, Chip, Colin, Brad, and Jeff.  I have also met Julie Larson, Kathy Kinney, Jonathan Magnum, and Sean Masterson, who all worked on Green Screen Show as well as participate in Improv All-Stars.  I have seen Greg Proops many times, and consider myself an acquaintance of his.  As for Ryan, I have personally met him after shows too many times to count / remember.  However, I did spend practically a whole day as a fellow guest on Outlaw Radio when he was present.

19.  I was just thinking, maybe you could have a fanfiction section on Whose Line and fans could send in their stories about it. Just a thought.

We used to have a fanfiction section, but were receiving very few stories.  The stories we were receiving were inappropriate for posting on here and better left for communities and sites that are based on fanfiction.  We decided to move our fanfiction section to the Archives, and allow those sites that specialize in fanfiction to control that realm.  Also, fanfiction can be disturbing, rude, and on the border of insane.  Such stories about Mr. Stiles are not appreciated.
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