Well what, then, is a fanlisting?  A fanlisting is a small site based on one chosen specific topic (actors, movies, music, games, etc. - in this case, Ryan Stiles) where fans of that topic can fill in a form and "join" the fanlisting and be put on a displayed list of all of the fans around the globe.  They can then get codes to display on their own websites to show off their fandom.  To learn everything there is about fanlistings, check out TheFanlistings.org.

Who, exactly, is Ryan Stiles?  Ryan Stiles is an actor and comedian who is noted for his spot-on, exquisitely funny improv performances, mainly on the golden comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway?.  He is also featured on The Drew Carey Show as Lewis Kiniski.  He is currently on the show Two And A Half Men in a reoccuring role, and played two different characters in the parody films Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux.  He continues to tour the country performing improv with his fellow Whose Line castmates.  He also makes random appearances on the online radio show Outlaw Radio.  He opened his own improv theatre called The Upfront Theatre in 2004 and is now living comfortably in Bellingham, Washington with his wife and three kids.  For more information on Ryan, go to http://www.Ryan-Stiles.Net!